Tutorials & FAQ
Everything you need to know about Nufinetes


How do I create or import a wallet?
How do I send or receive tokens?
How do I connect to a desktop?
How do I set my wallet to stay unlocked?
How do I add addresses to My Contacts list?
How do I connect and sign transactions on ETH, BSC or Polygon dApps?
How do I view and send VeChain, Ethereum, Polygon and BSC NFTs?

About Nufinetes

Who made Nufinetes?
Why make Nufinetes?
What does Nufinetes mean?

Using Nufinetes

How do I install Nufinetes?
How do I import an existing wallet?
What can the current version (2.7) of Nufinetes do?
What can the current version (2.7) of Nufinetes NOT do?
Can I use the same Nufinetes wallet on multiple devices?
How do I contact Nufinetes Support?
How do I create multiple wallets on the same device?
What happens if I lose access to my wallet?
How do I export my transaction history?
What information does Nufinetes have access to?
Nufinetes integrated browser function

Future capabilities

When will other Vechain dApps allow Nufinetes connectivity?
Will NFTs be viewable directly in Nufinetes?
Will Nufinetes connect to other blockchains?
Will Nufinetes support hardware wallet systems such as Ledger?
What about Linux/Blackberry/Windows Phone/other
obscure operating systems?